DVD Ripper 1 Second Folder Encryption Don't worry child find your amor photo

1 Second Folder Encryption Free is a convenient, fast encryption software. With 1 Second Folder Encryption Free, You don't worry your child find your amor photo, It allows you to easily protect your data in your computer.

When a folder encrypted with 1 Second Folder Encryption, It could not be accessed, copied, deleted, moved and renamed. With Folder Encryption, you could keep the special data secure.

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Key Features:
1. Fastest and Simplest, with one-click Encryption and Decryption.

2. When Folder Encrypted, folder not only can't be accessed, but can't be copied, deleted, moved and renamed ....

3. Provide password setting for the software
4. This program does not apply in Windows 98 system, and does apply in Window NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista system.

5. For safety reason, Please not trying to encrypt the system folder.

6. Warning: It is a only amateur encryption software, You had better not encrypt the important files with 1 Second Folder Encryption. We can't guarantee the data absolute security

How To Encrypt Folder With 1 Second Folder Encryption
1. Run the Folder Encryption program, and Check "Encrypt" option

2. press "browse..." button, to select a folder

3. press "Start" to start encrypt

How To Decrypt a Folder With 1 Second Folder Encryption
1. Run the Folder Encryption program, and Check "Decrypt" option

2. press "browse...", to select a folder with the last char of the its name is "."

3. press "Start" to start Decrypt

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User's Review
"Very easy to handle. I just loaded a DVD and hit start, everything ran automatically... I liked being able to watch the DVD screen while ripping. The program did its job quite quickly... a DVD 9 disc was completed in about 15 minutes. It's worth every penny I spent." - Ronald Carlson, USA

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A powerful, universal YouTube FLV, Flash SWF video- conversion and video-split program.
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